Ecocoat energy saving wallcoatings

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Save Money, Reduce your energy consumption by 30%
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European, market leading products from Germany
Easy to apply
Use brush, spray or roller
Low Maintenance
10 year guarantee
Protect your property
Repels water, and self cleaning!


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Our Ecocoat products are the smart choice for homeowners looking to protect their property from the effects of British weather and pollution – heat loss, penetrating damp and discoloration. After much research, we have been able to source the latest and most advanced German wallcoating products.

These are the market-leading wallcoatings in Europe, at last available direct to the UK consumer through us.

To protect your property, buy now or take the tour to find out more.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about how Ecocoat can protect your property and save you money?

Looking for a clear finish to show off your masonry? Ecocoat Creme dries to a transparent finish.

Prefer a coloured finish? Ecocoat Colours is available in a range of colours suitable for most properties.


Independent report

Read this laboratory report confirming how effectively Ecocoat products repel water and improve thermal conductivity.

Information pack

Download our handy guide to the features and benefits of Ecocoat energy saving wallcoatings.

See Ecocoat Creme at work

Watch us demonstrate how easy it is to apply Ecocoat Creme, and how it makes your walls water repellent.

See Ecocoat Colours at work

Watch us demonstrate how Ecocoat Colours repels water and dirt once applied.

Affordable technology

The latest nanotechnology from Germany. Yet cheaper than the more common - and inferior - alternative products

Choice of colours

Available in clear, white, and a range of colours to match your property

Easy to apply

Straightforward application. Works well with brush, roller, or spray - whichever you prefer to use.

Long life guarantee

These products come with a 10 year certificate from the manufacturer. Expected lifespan is 15 – 20- years

No condensation

Super breathable – allows walls to breathe

Reduce your energy bill

Great hygrothermal performance – reducing moisture levels in your walls cuts heat loss – your property stays warmer

Reduced maintenance

Reduced maintenance due to the effects of weather and water ingress

Self cleaning

Airborne pollutants wash off and moss and algae growth is restricted

Our advanced wallcoatings

advanced wallcoatings in action

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