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Colour options

Ecocoat Creme - for a clear finish

This product is a creme rather than a paint and has a clear finish. Once dry, your masonry will look almost identical to how it did pre-treatment and the finish will be very hard to discern.

Ecocoat Colours - for a coloured finish

Ecocoat Colours is available in white and in a range of colours well suited to typical British masonry. 

Ecocoat Creme and Ecocoat Colours come in a range of colours to suit most needs.

Colour accuracy
We try to represent colour as accurately as possible. However, the fidelity of colours displayed on screens can vary widely. Therefore, any colours on this website should be considered as representations only. If the colour match is critical to you, and to be sure of a colour's true representation, we strongly recommend that you contact us for a colour chart or dry sample before ordering. You can call us on 0161 763 7007, email us at sales@decor8northern.co.uk, or use our contact form.

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