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How much do I need?

 Ecocoat wallcoatings are economical to apply. Here is some information to help you calculate how much you will need. 


Ecocoat Creme (clear)

Ecocoat Creme is a one coat system.

It covers 5 m2 per Litre.

Therefore, one 10 Litre drum should cover 50 m2


Ecocoat Colours

Normally, two coats are applied. If necessary, primer should be applied first (see below for more information).

Coverage does depend on surface texture – it can vary between 3 - 5 m2 per Litre on unrendered surfaces.  

If your walls are heavily rendered, coverage may fall to around 2.5 m2 per Litre

Therefore, one 10 Litre drum covers 30 - 50 m2 with one coat on unrendered surfaces, or around 25 m2  on heavily rendered walls.


Ecocoat Primer

On absorbent or unpainted surfaces, you should first apply primer.

This is a one coat application using brush, roller, or spray.

Primer covers 5-8 m2 per Litre depending on surface texture and absorbency.

Therefore, one 10 Litre drum covers 50 - 80 m2.

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