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Water repellent

Ecocoat Creme and Ecocoat Colours are super hydrophobic. That means they repel water efficiently.

Why does this matter? 

Wet walls lose more heat and need more maintenance!

  • Untreated brick and masonry walls absorb water
  • Penetration of moisture through the wall causes cracks due to swelling and shrinkage
  • Damage is also caused by frost and de-icing
  • Salt efflorescence and salt damage is caused by hydration and crystallization
  • Other problems include lime leaching, rust stains, dirt pick-up, attack by fungi, moss, lichen and algae 
  • Wet walls lose heat more readily - making your property harder and more expensive to keep warm

How does it work?

This is known as the Lotus Leaf Effect.

In nature, the lotus leaf completely repels dirt and water due to its unique microstructure. The advanced technology of Ecocoat Creme and Ecocoat Colours wall coatings is able to replicate this super hydrophobic effect.

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